The Seven C's of Leadership

Fulfilling Your God-Given Call to Inspire, Influence & Serve

What is it?

There’s a misconception about leadership that we as a society have believed for far too long: that great leaders are born with an abundance of talent, vision, and passion that makes it possible for them to inspire, influence, serve, and lead others. We often think that special abilities and privileged circumstances are required.

Who is it for?

In The Seven C’s of Leadership, Coach Jarvis deftly explains that everybody is a leader, everybody is called to be a leader, and everybody needs to follow the Leader. Through personal stories, powerful profiles, and biblical insights, this book will help leaders at all levels learn about vital principles including Confidence, Courage, Character, Commitment, Communication, Community, and Coach, and how they are directly connected to Christ, the greatest Leader of all time.

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What Others Are Saying...

"Every one of us has leadership within us and this book offers fascinating principals that work in any setting—from the locker room to the executive board room. In The Seven C's of Leadership, Coach Jarvis lays out the essential ingredients of leadership." — Jay Wright, NCAA Championship Men’s Basketball Coach, Villanova University

"I encourage you to dive deep into The Seven C’s of Leadership and receive Coach Jarvis’ vast knowledge and sagely wisdom. Take time to let the words jump off the page and into your heart as you strive to become the servant leader that God has called and equipped you to be." — Manny Ohonme, Co-founder, CEO and President, Samaritan’s Feet

At a time in America when we are witnessing an epidemic of opioid addictions and deaths, along with suicides, we need Coach Jarvis' Seven C's of Leadership – grounded in the power of Christ alone where we should all make our stand.” — Lietenant Colonel Allen B. West (U.S. Army, Retired), Bronze Star recipient, and Member 112th U.S. Congress

"I am so excited about The Seven C’s of Leadership as this book will help me continue to elevate the quality of coaches Bible studies that I have been given the opportunity to do.” — Brian Mitchell, South Central Missouri Area Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

"Coach Jarvis would want nothing more than for your life to be transformed by living out these principles and leading you to influence others in a way God has intended. Enjoy the journey!” — Eric Nelson, Executive Director of Sports TEAM/Basketball, Athletes in Action

"The Seven C's of Leadership is a slam dunk! Coach Jarvis has always been an outstanding leader because he has the ability to decipher what true leadership really means.” — Dale Brown, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, LSU, 1972-1997, Member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame, and Shaquille O’Neal’s college coach

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